Our Mission

I tutor students who are gifted and learning disabled. I know exactly what it is like to be such a student: at first, even though I was recognized for my potential, I struggled tremendously in school. Now, I hold a BA from Columbia, an MFA from Brown and I have a fulfilling career in education, art and technology. In addition to teaching my students practical skills like writing, computer programming and test-taking, I have also created a comprehensive methodology to encourage self-organization, self-advocacy and self-direction. Because I had such difficulty myself and because I know the difference good mentorship can make, I am passionately committed to helping my students capitalize upon the strengths of their unconventional minds.

—Ari K., Founder, Tutor

What We Offer

Practicing step-by-step writing processes, focused on brainstorming, planning, drafting, and revision


Developing the skills of the future and a critical mindset about the technology we use everyday


Building a tool kit and routines for organization, time management, and task completion to round-out Executive Functions


Identifying and cultivating unique personal strengths to find success in academics


Creating opportunities for portfolio building, internships, and community service

I cannot sing Ari’s praises enough! My son Moe was at first quite reluctant to put any extra effort into his school work. Ari was patient and creative in getting Moe to work on some of the more challenging aspects of his assignments. Ari got to know Moe and really took into account his interests and personality... As they worked together, Moe began to see the effort pay off. He has now actually published articles in the NY Times online and CBS Sports online.
— S.K., Mother of Fieldston Student
Ari isn’t just a tutor to our son, he is a real mentor, a coach and most importantly a positive influence. Ari’s skills go far beyond the technicalities of teaching. Ari has earned our son’s trust and therefore is helping him to develop not only as a but as person. Our son’s organization skills, ability to focus, concentrate, manage time and consequently his academic performance have improved substantially, thanks to Ari.
— G. C., Father of Pace University student
What I believe is most rare and exceptional about Ari’s way of helping kids find their path, is that he does his mentoring in a truly sincere and caring way: this leads him to becomes not only a friend to his peer, but also a good friend to the family. It is the combination of his way of sincerely caring about who he is mentoring and his good mentoring skills that generates positive and effective results.
— M. S., Mother of George Washington University student
Ari worked with my son for the full 08-­09 school year. I found Ari to be conscientious, concerned and creative with the work they did together. The results were better grades all around, and better homework habits. The working relationship that my son had with Ari helped him to meet the increased expectations with less anxiety and much more focus.
— L. G., Mother of Ninth Grader