Our tutoring service, Unconventional Minds, provides academic support, executive function support, self-advocacy training and enrichment for students with unique learning styles.

  • We tutor our students in language arts, humanities and computer science.

  • We teach our students strategies to more easily initiate, organize and plan assignments, problem solve, and flexibly shift among tasks, whether in the overall management of their work or within the academic work itself.

  • We help our students to better understand their learning differences and the strategies that work for them, so they can effectively advocate on their own behalf.

  • We facilitate information sharing among all those who are assisting the student, e.g. teachers, administrators, parents and other professionals.

  • We help our students identify, develop and refine their strengths and passions. This work often results in more motivation and enthusiasm for day-to-day activities at school, a portfolio that students include in their college applications, insight into potential career paths and sometimes actual employment.

Working privately via teleconference, we’re able to be innovative in what we offer and flexible in scheduling to best serve our students’ needs. In total, these interventions help our students develop their sense of purpose, confidence and capability in highly challenging academic environments. We are problem solvers for students with unconventional minds.