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Creative Writing: Poetry, Short Stories & Essays

Ever reassembled the news into a poem? How about twitter? Ever re-written portions of your favorite book? Or given it a different ending? Ever passionately argued your point of view, posted it on Reddit and woke up the next morning to see five thousand replies? For students that like to write, we spend the summer stretching our imaginations to the limit, reworking, recreating and reinventing all kinds of material. We think about how to best engage audiences, on and offline, create a following and compile the writing into chapbooks and digital portfolios that can form a crucial part of a student's college application.

Creative Coding: Software, Robotics & Websites

Ever communicated with a satellite? Built a video game from scratch? Or used weather data to change the color of your room? For students interested in technology, we spend the summer exploring the wide world of creative coding platforms. For more details, see Programming Tutoring.

Creative Engagement: Research, Volunteering & Business

Ever proposed the creation of a new park to your local development agency? Ever volunteered with the National Resource Defense Council? Ever started your own business? For students that are interested in government, civic participation or business, we choose a topic to study, find an organization where the student can volunteer and choose a summer-specific goal. Many of our students have developed longstanding ties with an organization, creating important relationships that have influenced and advanced their college choices. Other students have created small businesses that give solid proof of their initiative and creativity. Many of our students have used these experiences as the subjects of their college essays.