1. Contact us and our principal mentor and founder, Ari Kalinowski, will respond within 2-3 business days.

2. Ari will have a preliminary informational consultation with you and acquire any necessary background information. 

This will include

  • A digital copy of the student’s grades, covering the last 2-4 years
  • A copy of the student’s most recent neuro-psychological evaluation
  • Areas and subjects in which the student is currently struggling
  • The student’s general level of organization
  • The student’s special strengths and aptitudes
  • The student’s environment and how it might be contributing to success or failure
  • The student’s mood and level of motivation

3. Ari will then assign the best mentor—himself or Peter—to the student based on his or her needs.

4. The mentor and student will have an informal meeting on Google Hangouts to verify rapport. 

They will discuss

  • The student’s interests, his or her hobbies, and use of leisure time
  • The mentor’s background and areas of expertise
  • The student’s current studies
  • And, through a gentle exploration, where the student thinks he or she is successful in school, and where the student might be struggling

5. Ari, the assigned tutor, and UM’s consultant, Dr. Marcia Eckerd, will then design a program for the student based on the assembled information.

Planning will include

  • Amount of tutoring per week; usually, this is roughly two hours per week
  • Session focus; typically, the first session of a week is oriented toward planning, while the second is focused upon a specific subject or assignment
  • Frequency of parent check-ins and meetings; a 30 minute meeting every other week is standard in the first three months of the program
  • Frequency of check-ins with Dr. Marcia Eckerd; these meetings also average 30 minutes every other week within the first three months

6. Ari will then meet with you to discuss the program and finalize pricing.

7. After that, we can start coaching your child through managing their LDs.