How do we approach organization?   With Vigor

Binders and books disappear, time seems to evaporate, and tasks go unfinished. These are common problems that once resolved are no longer working against a student's academic and personal success.  We're here to help establish routines for better material organization, effective time management, and task completion. We know what it feels like to stumble, get distracted, and feel overwhelmed, just as we know what it feels like to reverse habits and succeed.

What do you mean by organization?   We Mean "Executive Functions," Organizational Nuts & Bolts

Organization is comprised of a series of smaller sub-processes ("executive functions"); we teach our students how to handle each of them. For exampleif a student is having trouble initiating an assignment, we teach him to identify the easiest part of the assignment, then just do that part, then identify the next easiest, and then do that part, and so forth and so on. Eventually, the "big idea" gets reduced into a series of small, manageable tasks. For every executive function (initiation, shifting, inhibition, planning, etc.), there are a variety of corresponding techniques we use to move our student's forward.

What is an organizational portfolio?   An Individualized Organizational Plan

It's a personalized list of common problems and solutions we create with each student. Does the student have trouble focusing? Has the student tried green tea? Has the student tried working in short bursts? Has the student tried working with background noise? Without? etc. The organizational portfolio is where we evaluate the student's executive function and where we record the solutions we've discovered. No one technique will make all the difference, but the slow, gradual incorporation of awareness, organization and study skills is a highly effective combination.