“Ari worked with my son for the full 08-­09 school year. I found Ari to be conscientious, concerned and creative with the work they did together. The results were better grades all around, and better homework habits. The working relationship that my son had with Ari helped him to meet the increased expectations with less anxiety and much more focus.”  

—L. G. Mother of Ninth Grader.


"I cannot sing Ari's praises enough! My son Moe was at first quite reluctant to put any extra effort into his school work. Ari was patient and creative in getting Moe to work on some of the more challenging aspects of his assignments. Ari got to know Moe and really took into account his interests and personality. He was able to guide Moe with his writing issues by working together intensely on essays and honing his skills in brainstorming ideas, outlining and polishing his writing. As they worked together, Moe began to see the effort pay off. He has now actually published articles in the NY Times online and CBS Sports online. Without Ari I am not certain that would have ever come to pass. Besides writing, Ari was hugely helpful in managing Moe's study skills and helping him to figure out a way to best organize his assignments and his time management. This led to Moe actually having time enough to pursue other interests. Ari was instrumental in getting Moe to start the Game Theory Club at school, helped him organize an opportunity at a Summer internship and encouraged him to start a shoe importing business as well. I believe all of this was instrumental in getting Moe to get into the college of his choice."

—S.K., mother of Fieldston Student.


"Noah attended a progressive Jewish day school with a dual academic curriculum (a challenge to many children without any learning disabilities). Because of his learning disability, Noah found inference very difficult, which meant that he often came up with unusual points of view. Ari helped him to find ways to incorporate these viewpoints into his essays and into class discussion. He also taught Noah how to read into the teacher's intentions, so that he had a better understanding of what was expected of him. Because of this, Noah was able to participate more, talk to his teachers more and generally be more engaged. Ari also urged me to encourage Noah’s art-making, which gave him another way to be rewarded by the school for the unique way he sees things. Noah currently attends the art conservatory at Purchase College. It is a challenging program and highly immersive, however, Noah is able to cope with the demands drawing upon skills that he learned with Ari. Furthermore, he knows that he has the ability if he applies his will to the task at hand. That is an immeasurable life lesson for any child."

—S.A., mother of Heschel School student.

“My son, who has ADD and Written Expression Disorder, has been working with Ari since the summer of 2008. He just received a writing assignment back with an A and comments such as, “beautiful,” “nice transition,” and “smart writing.” Never before has he gotten such comments on a writing paper.”

—B. T., Mother of Sixth Grader.


"What I believe is most rare and exceptional about Ari's way of helping kids find their path, is that he does his mentoring in a truly sincere and caring way: this leads him to becomes not only a friend to his peer, but also a good friend to the family. It is the combination of his way of sincerely caring about who he is mentoring and his good mentoring skills that generates positive and effective results. During the last year of college, it was very difficult for us to get into contact with our son M., because he was very overwhelmed with the prospect of graduating. Ari was able to work with M., and help him to see the future as an exciting opportunity, rather than as a threat. Together, they worked on resumes, cover letters, set up and followed up on meetings, secured internships and created the plans that really helped M. to then build the work experiences that are now leading him to apply for a Masters.  I would recommend Ari to anyone with a son or daughter that needs help organizing themselves and figuring out how to connect “the details” to “the big picture.”"

—M. S., mother of George Washington University student.



“As a family, we lived abroad for 15 years in support to my career as an executive of a multinational company. Two years ago my job brought us to the US, to NYC, and our son was accepted at Pace University in Manhattan. The global life was a very positive experience in many aspects but perhaps not the ideal in terms of preparing our son for an American college education. Moving from the protected atmosphere of international schools to the independence of life in college and the distractions of the big city were indeed difficult changes for him to handle. Suddenly, surrounded by so much freedom at age of seventeen, our son didn’t have the maturity to set his own limits and consequently his first semester at college was a disaster... Then, we found Ari! Ari isn’t just a tutor to our son, he is a real mentor, a coach and most importantly a positive influence. Ari’s skills go far beyond the technicalities of teaching. Ari has earned our son’s trust and therefore is helping him to develop not only as a but as person. Our son’s organization skills, ability to focus, concentrate, manage time and consequently his academic performance have improved substantially, thanks to Ari.”

—G. C., Father of Pace University student.